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Sunday, August 24, 2014

The summer favorites

Last year I asked my kiddos for some of their favorite summer memories. I decided to do the same again this year. It is a fun way for us to think about all the amazing adventures we had. I also asked them separately so there could be no obvious copying. I enjoyed their answers.  So, without any more waiting....

I asked them to think about one great thing from each place we went. From our visit to Grammy and Grandpa's they all said.....

Going to the Harrisburg Senators game and meeting Ricky Hague!  Maybe a hint for next summer!!

From our visit to the Tirch's they all said...

Kennywood because it was pretty awesome!

Elena also said playing dress-up with Ella!  She talks about Ella every day!

From our visit wth Mammy and Pappy in North Carolina...

Emma said going to Atlantic Beach.

Jonah almost said the beach. In fact it was mentioned by all, but for Elena, Samuel, and Jonah boating was the winner. 

Elena really liked the boat rides to get ice cream at The Bean. 

From Eagle Camp, Jonah was the only one who did not say playing with our cousins. 

Jonah said paddle boarding and kayaking. 
He really did get on the paddle board himself, but I had a picture fail with that. 

Finally, at home going to the zoo was the winner for Emma and Jonah. 
Emma also said going to the lazy river which we did three times. 

Samuel said going to the Astros game. 

Elena said the 4th of July bike parade!

I loved everything we did this summer. Thinking back on everything we were blessed to do this summer I cannot pick a moment. I am just so thankful for our loving family and friends who give us all these wonderful memories!

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