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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Eagle Camp...my Drew

When I went to camp for the first time twenty years ago, I wasn't sure what to think of it. It takes some getting used to...the tents, the greenies, the bugle, the games....

Now, I love it. Hands down I love it with no hesitation. One of my favorite things about camp is the time I get to spend with Drew.   One whole week with no life distractions. The kids are occupied most of the time.  We use the week to reconnect and to plan for the fall.  It is much needed time for us. 

The ferry hair is just awful. 


Picking me up from my 9.5 mile run. I so enjoy the run to the sandbar bridge and Drew knows it. I wasn't up for 18 and he loves me enough to come get me. 

Hanging out with me

On our walk along the lake

Our first picture in 20 years by the EC sign!  

Do we really have to go home?

Thank you so much for loving me enough to bring me to camp twenty years ago and every year since. Love you Drew!

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