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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Janney and the Y triathlon relay race

In July Susan asked if I would be interested in running the 5K part of a triathlon. Susan would be swimming and biking. I immediately said yes and then quickly asked how hilly it would be. Susan said it was pretty easy and truth be told, I didn't really care. 

So, we arrived at her house on Saturday. We had a great Thanksgiving meal, the kids played, and we went to bed early-ish. We had to be at the race site by 7. 

Before I talk about the race I have to say that our kids got along really well. They acted like best friends especially Jack and Samuel. I knew they would. This is just another reason I wish we lived closer to Susan!
Nicholas and Jack shared their love of hockey with my boys. It was fun to watch them play. Samuel now wants to play hockey.

Ella was awesome with Elena.  Elena already had a girl crush on Ella so it made her days that Ella played with her so much!

We tried to get the two 11 year olds...Emma and Nicholas...to interact. It started to work by the time we had to leave of course. 

Anyway, back to the race. It was cold in my opinion. We both wore sweatshirts while waiting for Susan's swim to start. 

Susan was kind of nervous about the swim. She didn't want to be the last one out of the pool. She wasn't!  I think she did great!

She hustled out of the pool and got on her bike as quickly as she could. I have no idea what her T1 time was, but I thought she was quick.  The bike portion was a loop course with a huge gradual climb. I think she had to climb it 4 times. Susan looked great every time she passed.  Susan never looked tired and I thought she was riding fast. She did exceed her goal and had a 16+ mph average for the 12 mile ride. 
Susan owning that hill!

I met Susan at the dismount spot and took the timer as quickly as I could. I planned to run as fast as possible, but I was nervous. Susan had failed to mention it was a trail course. I knew that would make it really tough. I had also seen some people who had obviously fallen so that made me nervous too. 

So, off I went and boy was it a tricky trail. The surface changed constantly so footing was a problem. I kept reminding myself to be careful because I didn't want to fall. 

It was a little hilly, but not bad until mile 2 which was all uphill. And, it was no small uphill. It was pretty much a serious steady climb across gravel and dirt until mile 3. I wasn't running fast, but was steady with my pace and I felt pretty good. 

That all ended quickly with a big umph!  I fell so hard and unexpectedly. I landed on
my left knee and skidded on my right side. I got up as quickly as possible and continued to run. My knee hurt, but I didn't seeing much choice except to finish. I had about 3/4mile left after the fall. 

I didn't know exactly where the finish line was so I was really glad to hear Susan yell to kick it in. I did and was glad to finish. My time was 26:05. I was unhappy with my time, but oh well. The course required me to run more slowly and that still didn't help. The fall was definitely a bummer because it slowed me down. 

That guy in the chair is very unimpressed with me!

I had lots of dirt in my cuts so I needed to get medical attention. It also hurt to walk big time when I finished running. Ice was needed as well for my knee. 
Yes, it hurt like a really bad word or many!

Trying to be brave

Finally happy because I had ice!

I feel like I let Susan down because I didn't run as fast as I can. I especially felt this way because her bike part was so great!  I guess we have to do another tri together someday.  I am glad she asked me. We obviously have lots of fun when we race together. Until next time susan...

P.S.  My knee is still swollen and if anyone thinks about coming near it or touch it, I might growl at them. It needs to get better because marathon training has started!  

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  1. Kortni Mann, you did NOT disappoint me in any way shape or form. I told George how awesome you were. You finished a 5k with a fall faster than I could on a flat course. I think you did amazing!!!!