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Friday, August 22, 2014

Visiting the zoo

Today is the last Friday before school starts on Monday. I am actually quite sad about school beginning. We have had a great summer and it passed way too fast. So, to add to our summer of fun the kids and I planned several fun activities for this week. Going to the zoo was requested by all. 

We can't go on an adventure without a group selfie!

I prepped the kids each day on how hot it would be. It was 90 when we arrived at 10a and 100 when we left at 2:30. We took out time looking at the animals, used each mister we passed, and the kids went to the slash pad twice. We survived, but wow was it hot today!

All wet from the splash pad

We saw all the exhibits except the reptiles. No big loss if you ask me. We loved the giraffes so much and they are by the splash pad so we visited them a few times. 

The baby!

Another baby!

We happened upon the seals at feeding time so we saw a quick show.  It was really fun and we all loved it!

Jonah loved the primates. He studied them all very intently!

He is very excited by a new exhibit coming in 2015. 

The kids wanted to take pictures by almost every animal statue. I couldn't deny that request. 

They also pretended to be the meerkats. 

They thought they were apes at one point. 

They were pretty exhausted more from the heat then the walking so I decided a treat was needed. 
So hot!

My sweet kiddos and I have had lots of fun together this summer!

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