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Monday, August 18, 2014

Our time in Pittsburgh....the Pirates game

I am writing about our time in Pittsburgh in reverse...who knows why!  Anyway, on Sunday we went to a Pirates-Padres game.  I was so excited because I have always wanted to attend a game with a stadium on the water.  I figured it might occur in Cincinnati some year on the way home, but I was so wrong.  When Susan asked me about going to the game way back when I was totally thrilled.  I knew the kids would enjoy it and it would be a great way to show my kiddos some of Pittsburgh.

I bought everyone a Pirates shirt for the occasion.
Don't we look cute in our Pirates shirts?!
It was warm, but a beautiful day just the same.  I was slightly worried about all of us being hot until I saw our seats.  Susan picked out great seats.  We were at the very top of a shaded section.  With the wind at our backs it was like our on personal air conditioned section.  Perfect!

Perfect view of the field
I love the yellow bridges
How fun would it be to boat in the river during a game??!!
I don't have any pictures of the kids eating their way through the game, but they did.  We had hot dogs, wings, popcorn, french fries, cotton candy, nachos, and who knows what else! We bought more food during the game than I think they ate in the previous three days.  There is just something about being at a ballgame that makes my kids need to eat everything in sight and apparently Susan's kids feel the say way.  It was kind of ridiculous, but it was all fun. 

The boys....Nicholas, Jonah, Jack, and Samuel
The girls...Emma, Elena, and Ella
We left after the 7th inning stretch.  Again, my kiddos wanted to know why "Deep in the Heart of Texas" was not played.  Sometimes they aren't so bright!  By then the sun was at our backs and the kids had finally had their fill of soda and food.  We had awesome cups and ice cream bowls as souvenirs.  Unfortunately, the Pirates lost, but we saw a home run that almost made it to the river.  It was a great first adventure in PGH!

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