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Friday, August 1, 2014

Boat rides

We went on many boat rides over the past two weeks. Since the creek and river don't have much traffic we let the kids drive with stand-by assistance. They all love to drive the boat. 

Emma is especially proud of the one boat because it is named for her. She was the first grandchild so it was named in her honor....the Emma C. 

This is the older boat and the one the kids "drive" the most. 

These two girls love to ride on the boat. On the particular ride they literally talked or squealed the entire 25 minute ride. 

Drew and Samuel are in the background. This ride was so rough, but the girls still loved it. 

Hanna doing a little driving from the side. 

Samuel driving

Pappy let Elena "drive" the big, new boat. 

The new boat...the Motley Crew named for the crazy grand kids!

We all fit on the Motley Crew so that makes for fun boat rides. 

Pappy and his new "toy". 

Emma having her turn. Excuse my finger. 

We sometimes have early starts so breakfast on the boat it is. 

Pappy at the helm. 

Jonah driving the Emma C. 

Maya having her turn.  

Uncle Scott had his turn too. Actually he and Drew do a lot of boat chauffeuring for us. 

Until next year dock and boats...

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