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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Phew, I am tired and there is still shopping to do!  Today was filled with so many blessings. 

1.  Samuel, Jonah, and Emma ran a 1 mile race this morning.  I ran with Jonah and Drew ran with Samuel.  Emma ran by herself.  Jonah decided later in the morning that he can run by himself next time!

2.  I had a great 5 mile race this morning.  More on that tomorrow.

3.  Our friends, the Beams, joined us for dinner.  It was great to celebrate with friends and yummy food!

4.  I was happy to have my mom here today.  She actually watched me run, which was a special treat for me.  We missed you Dad!

5.  The kids loved watching the Macy's Parade off and on.  I love that parade and am glad the kids will watch some of it.

6.  It was too warm for November 22; however, the kiddos were able to be outside most of the day.  That was a blessing!

7.  The Texans won in overtime for the second week in a row...the stress!

8.  Drew smoked our turkey and it was so yummy.  I am really looking forward to leftovers!

9.  Today was such a slow paced leisurely day.  I was so glad mom and I prepared a bunch of food yesterday.  I was able to relax and just enjoy whatever was happening at the moment.

10.  Elena napped!  She has been one cranky child lately.  Her nap was short, but it helped!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

I had a total picture failure today and did not take a family picture.  I think I will take a Black Friday picture instead.  Maybe by then my face will look better too!

Adult table centerpiece....glittered pumpkins by the kiddos
The kids table centerpiece...pumpkins made at a Fall Festival
Working hard at smoking the turkey!

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