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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Can I do it?

Today was my last time to run 800's in this marathon cycle.  Can I get a huge Woo Hoo!!!!  I have run 800's 7 times since August and I have learned lots running them.  It is probably the most challenging workout I have completed ever especially 8 and 10 repeats.  The amount of sustained focused energy is nuts.  A loss of concentration for 5 seconds slows my pace.  It is a mental as it is physical.

My first set of 800's was done on the treadmill.  I will avoid doing that again at all cost in the future.  I was so out of shape and almost died running 4 repeats at a 7:53/mile pace.   My fastest set of repeats occurred the first week of October.  I ran6 and all my times were between 3:27 and 3:33.

I ran my 10 repeats the last week of October and was honestly really disappointed with my times.  There were all between 3:41 and 3:34.  I had no reason to be upset with them, but was for some reason.

Today I ran 8 repeats with my times between 3:38 and 3:33.  I would love to have seen more improvement from the beginning of October until now.  However, I am really happy with my consistent times.  I felt really strong running them today and could have done at least two more if not more than that.  I guess that means I could have run faster.  It could also mean I am getting stronger and it is probably a little of both.

Bart Yasso, amazing runner and athlete, believes if you can run 10 repeats at your goal marathon time, you can run a marathon in that time.  So, my goal time is 3:40.  Running each 800 at 3 min 40 seconds or better has been my goal since August.  I am well within that goal.  I guess we will see what happens on race day.  I hope I follow the trend!!!

Today I am thankful for:
1.  My sister Kelsey---it is her birthday and I wish I was celebrating with her.  She is the best sister...strong, kind, daring, funny, and so serious at the same time.  I wish we lived closer.  Happy Birthday Kelsey!!!

2.  Honey Crisp Apples

3.  Naps---I took a 30 minute nap today and it was great.  I had a killer headache and needed rest.  I am so glad Elena let me sleep with her!

4.  Clean sheets on my bed tonight....the only thing that would make that better would be if someone else had washed the sheets and made the bed!

5. A freezer full of buffalo meat---I put our dinner in the crock pot this morning.  I had to use a 5 spice Chinese blend to make the Asian pulled beef.  I never looked what was in the 5 spice blend, but I knew as soon as I smelled it cooking.  I detest Anise and guess what was in the spice blend?  Yes, and to make it worse the blend also contained white pepper.  Drew hates white pepper.  So, our roast was tossed (I know but we could not eat it) and I pulled ground buffalo from the freezer at 4p to make sloppy joe.  Heavens!  Now my kitchen smells like anise.  Gross!

Today's picture of the day is of my beautiful Emma!

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  1. I don't like anise either! I am not sure if there is any way to salvage meat after something like that.. wash it and re-season it?? haha

    Great job on the 800's! Good workout, and you'll have them all under 3:40 soon. :)