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Monday, November 19, 2012

Weather Obsessed

I love the weather.  I watch the weather reports about three times a day.  That is ridiculous on many levels, but mostly because we live in Texas.  Our weather is the same 9 months of the year.  It is hot, humid, and slightly breezy from March until November.  Hot is of course a relative term.  I always think it is too hot for the time of year.  When it is 100 in the summer I think it is too hot.  When it is still 75-80 in November I am really annoyed with the weather.  Watching the weather would be much more interesting if we lived in a place that had seasons. 

As a runner, I pay particular attention to the morning temperatures.  I run in the early morning and need to know what to wear.  As a mom, I want my children dressed appropriately for the day.  I do not want to be "that mom" who sends their child to school in shorts when the temperature will drop 30 degrees during the day.  That happens frequently during a southeast Texas winter.   

Lately the weather has been my enemy.  I have raced twice this fall.  Thursday will be the third time.  I promise that the morning lows were pleasant except for race day for my first two races.  Both mornings were warm...almost hot...and very humid.  It is going to happen again.  The morning low for Thursday will be the highest we have had in 10 days.  Then guess what?  It is going to cool off the very next day!  Unbelievable!!!

I do have little superstitions that guide some parts of my life.  I do believe in the power of "3's".  I am hoping this is the last time it will be hot.  It will be the third time in a row for warm race weather! I have two races in December and most importantly the marathon.  The weather was great for the half last year.  Last New Year's Day it was warm and I really hope this year is different.  I don't really think God is very concerned with my prayers for race weather, but I plan to ask a few times between now and then!

Today I am thankful for:

1.  My house---even though I am always frustrated with the number of projects yet to complete, it is our home.  I have so many memories of our life here and I would not change that for one second!

2.  My Thanksgiving Day food shopping is complete.  I know I will have to return to Kroger for milk and bananas before Thursday, but at least those trips will be quick.

3. Listening to Jonah, Samuel, and Elena play so nicely this afternoon.  It was a rough morning so I was so happy to hear them play well together!

4.  Listening to Elena sing lullabies to Yuengling, our dog.  She loves Yingy, as she calls her, so much.  It was just precious.  No one else was allowed to talk while she was singing and Yuenlging was trying to nap!

5.  Checking things off my to do list.  Today I caught up on laundry, put all all those little things, went through 3 days of mail, and completed work for Church!  I am ready for a little Thanksgiving break!

Today's picture is of Elena singing to Yuengling.
You know Yuengling is just wishing for Elena to go away.  She has become very patient in her old age...thank goodness!

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