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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A-Z Thankful list

My friend Carmalyn challenged our little group to create an alphabetical list of things were are thankful for this year.  I am generally up for a challenge so here goes:

A:  The apple pie we had the other night for dessert

B:  Babies---I love them...the smells, the pudginess, the baby stretches, and even newborn cries.  I cannot wait for my sister to have her baby in May and for my neighbor to have her baby next week (I hope)!

C:  College football---a wonderful sport played with heart and not for money by such young men...amazing!  I almost picked cookies.  I heart homemade chocolate chip cookies very much.

D:  Drew of course---he is the best husband I could ever want and definitely more than I deserve.  I could not live this life without him!

E:  Emma and Elena---my sweet beautiful girls who are so full of life and love.  They bring me lots of joy each day.

F:  Flowers---I love fresh flowers and wish I brought them more regularly....hint Drew!  Emma got some today for me so that is extra awesome!

G:  God---He has blessed me with a life full of amazing blessings and I am thankful for that each and every day!

H:  Honey crisp apples---I love apples and usually eat one a day all year long.  I am so happy in the fall when these amazing and crazy expensive apples return to the grocery store.  I buy them despite how much they cost.  Then, I buy other apples for the kiddos! 

I:  Ice cream---because it is so yummy and yes, I eat way too much of it!

J:  Jonah---my little ball of energy who lives life to the fullest each day.  I love to look at his big blue eyes and just wonder what he is thinking.

K:  Kelsey and Kristin---my sisters who are both so different and so special. I wish we lived closer each day!

L:  The little things that make me smile each day like listening to my kiddos giggle, hearing a favorite song on the radio, a lit candle, and so on.

M:  Music---I like how it can change my mood, cause my kiddos to dance, and make Drew sing along.  Music is powerful! And, even better is that Christmas music will soon be on my radio all day long.  I cannot wait!

N:  Northwoods---our church home since 2003.  Our lives are much richer because of the friends we have made and the support we have received from our Texas family!

O:  Oatmeal---I eat it everyday for breakfast and just love it.  Oatmeal pancakes might just be better!

P:  My parents---all four of them support and love me and my family!  I am thankful for all they gave me and taught me.  It has helped shape me and I am grateful for that gift.

Q:  Quiet time before my kiddos wake in the morning.  Yes, I am usually running, but it is quiet!

R:  Running---this is a true gift to my life.  It makes me a better mom, wife, friend, and person each time I run.  Whether the run is great or crap, I learn something and it carries over to my daily living.  I can't imagine my life without running and hope I can do it for a long time to come!

S:  Samuel---dear Samuel is so stubborn and precious all at the same time.  I am glad we are having a fun last year of Preschool before I have to send him to Kindergarten....agh!

T:  Technology---my computer, my phone, my iPod, my DVR, and the list goes on

U:  Umbrellas---I hate to get wet!

V:  My new vacuum cleaner.  Drew was very generous and I am super excited about it.  I love to vacuum (drowns out the kid noise!) and can't wait to use it tonight!

W:  White Christmas---my favorite Christmas movie and perhaps my favorite movie ever!!

X:  I have nothing for x...what starts with x....

Y:  Yuengling---this dog makes me crazy every single day, but she has been a part of our lives for 13 years and she is family.  I still think she is the prettiest dog ever!

Z:  Ziti---what I really mean is pasta but I needed a Z!  I love pasta and should have been Italian!  I don't really care how it is prepared just so long as it is yummy.  I could eat it daily.  Maybe that is why I love to run so much....I get to carbo load!

Today's picture is of me.  I know you are shocked and I am little too.  I don't like pictures of me, but I got my hair colored today.  I usually do it myself because I am cheap.  Today I splurged and thought I would share.


  1. Great picture!! I like the hair. :). Great list too... Might have to attempt it myself to get out of my slump!

  2. I love the A to Z list! I am going to have my girls do it!!!