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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Today started out like this
bus stop picture
and pleasantly cool.  So, after a little wake-up time
Elena and Samuel watching Little Bear
and "mommy get ready for the day" time, we headed to the park.  I love taking the kids to the park because they enjoy it immensely.  It also tires them out so the afternoon can be relaxing for all of us!

We had not played at Myer Park in a long time.  Samuel had no memory of playing there so that tells you how long.  I prefer other parks, but it was time for a change today.  Elena and Samuel loved it.  There are four different little play areas.  They were happily entertained for well over an hour.  That might be a park record for the two of them. 

Samuel, my Knight in Green Armor
Elena loves to run!
She was very nervous climbing up this
and was in awe of her accomplishment!
Dinosaur fossil...he played a pretend dinosaur game for a long time
This is her favorite way to swing!

Samuel climbed on everything possible
I tried to take self portraits of me and Samuel and me and Elena.  I should not do this.  Self portraits with a camera phone is not easy and never flattering.  These were the best shots of maybe 12. 

I wish our day had not turned into this, but it made for good park playing weather.
Cotton ball clouds
When we got home and lunch was finished, I was treated to one hour of quiet time.  They needed to rest!
Watching Peter Pan

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  1. A successful morning if you were granted an hour!