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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Emma's last meet...this season

Well, yesterday was the Level 4 District meet.    It was Emma's last meet of the season because we knew she had no chance of qualifying for the South State meet.  That sounds horrible, but let's rehash this season.

Emma worked out for two weeks with a team in North Carolina.  We drove 40 minutes three times a week so she could participate at the New Bern Gymnastics level four practices.  She was there 3.5 hours for each practice.  She learned so much and was doing such pretty gymnastics when we left North Carolina.  Then Emma flew back home to attend practice at her gym while some of us were still on vacation.  All was well.  Off to Eagle Camp we went!

We returned only to learn that the head coach, not Emma's coach, decided Emma would not earn high enough scores to compete level 4. Thus, Emma needed to stay at level 3.  The outrage in my heart was unbelievable.  The sadness and confusion in Emma's heart and mind was unbelievable.  I still harbor lots of resentment about the entire situation.

Yes, Emma learned that life can suck and is not always fair.  She learned that when crap happens that is out of your control you must just carry on.  Move forward and make the best of the situation.  I think it was a ridiculous way to learn such a lesson.  Adults really need to think when making decisions about young people!

So Emma had to compete at level 3 for two meets.  She had to "relearn" all the routines she competed last fall and get it all together in two weeks.  The first meet was bad.  The second meet was great.  Then, to my total shock Emma said to her coach "I am done with level 3 and I I want to compete level 4".  Emma is usually not that assertive, but I was super proud of her!  Again with two weeks practice she had her first level 4 meet the end of September.  She earned three low 8's and one low 7.  She did not do her beam dismount so the score was bad.  Still, I was very proud of her.  Again, she had to switch gears mid stream and "relearn" routines. At least now it was by her choice!

Now, present day she had her last meet.  She had one more week to practice.  If keeping count, she practiced level 4 routines for three weeks and competed twice.  At her gym, they only practice 6 hours a week.  I know the other gyms practice way more.  Emma was at a huge disadvantage before the meet even began.  Know that I am not delusional thinking Emma would be in first place.  However, I do know she is a good enough gymnast to be top end of the middle.  It is well within her reach.  But, she needs practice for that to happen.
Emma and Ana getting ready for the meet
She did not have the time needed to be upper end of the pack.  BUT, she did great.  I was a proud momma trying to ignore my frustration at the wrongs perpetrated on Emma this season.  It is impossible not to wonder what if!  Emma improved her scores on three events...bars, floor, and vault.  Beam stayed the same.  For some reason she just won't do the dismount.  Anyway, she earned one low 9, two mid 8's and one low 7.  Such an improvement in just one week.  It does make one wonder what could have been if she would have been allowed to compete level 4 all season.
Woo hoo...a nine at level 4!
Emma receiving her participation medal
She was sad and it took her a while to see what she accomplished.  I know she is stronger because of this crap.  But, as her mom I always want to protect her from, in my opinion, unnecessary hurt.  She does not need it or deserve it at the age of 9!

Daddy and I are so proud of you baby!  Way to go Emma!

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