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Monday, October 15, 2012

The first Tiger Scout camp out

This past weekend Drew, Jonah, and Samuel went on a Tiger Scout camp out at Huntsville State Park.  Jonah is the Tiger Scout, but it was a family camp out.  I decided this was a good opportunity for the boys to bond while camping and the girls to bond while shopping!  So, off they went Friday afternoon with more stuff than seemed reasonable.  Camping requires so much stuff and the unpacking is even worse.

This is Jonah's first year as a Tiger Scout.  He seems to be really enjoying it so far.  I think Drew is as excited as Jonah because he is all about doing outdoor activities.  Samuel is loving following along as much as he can.  Samuel would be a Tiger Scout tomorrow if he was old enough.
Jonah receiving his neckerchief
The weather for camping was a little warm, but pleasant enough to have a nice weekend in the woods.  Huntsville State Park is about an hour from our house.  It is really a very nice park so I knew they would have lots of fun.

Friday night I texted Drew to make sure all was well.  He texted me back with a picture of this...

He said the boys were distracted by the 8 foot alligator in the lake so they were late getting dinner started.  Seriously, that would have been the end of me camping.  Their site was uphill approximately 300 feet from the lake.  No thank you!

Saturday was filled with free time, a scavenger hunt, a hike to learn about trees, a flag retirement ceremony, and some other badge activities.  Jonah had a blast.  Samuel loved it too.  Both boys played to the point of exhaustion.

I asked Jonah what happened at the flag retirement ceremony already knowing the answer.  Jonah said, "we burned flags".  We had a little chat discussing what really happened, which was the third chat Jonah had received about the ceremony.  Jonah is more of a doer and not the best listener!  The flags were old, ripped, tattered, and just well used.  The flags were retired properly meaning they ultimately were burned.  Drew said it was a really cool and meaningful ceremony. 

Unfortunately storms moved through the area starting late Saturday night.  The tent stayed dry so they slept just fine.  Drew packed all the stuff earlier on Saturday helping to make for a speedy getaway on Sunday morning.  Drew had planned for a nice breakfast, but he decided breakfast at Denny's would be better.  The boys loved that too!

The boys were so tired when the got home on Sunday afternoon.  They are still tired today.  Maybe I should send them camping every weekend?

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  1. I really don't care how much of a good time they had. I would have been out of there after the alligator show!!!!