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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Samuel plays soccer again

After much discussion this summer Samuel decided he wanted to play soccer again.  His first game was on Saturday.  Lucky for him, he is on a team with three people from his spring team.  He was happy to know people and thus, he was less nervous.  He also knows the coach because it is a player's dad.  The start to this season was much better!

Samuel was less tentative this time.  He actually kicked the ball and followed the play for the most part.  This is huge because it was probably the 3rd or 4th spring game before he did that.  He did not cry or get mad at the end of the game.  That is a big improvement too!

Samuel's team won 8-0.  Three of the players are fast and have decent ball control.  The other team was really bad.  The poor things kept grabbing the ball and kicking it the wrong way.  I also think their players were really young. It was very unevenly matched!  The good was about this situation was the good players on our team were only allowed to defend in the second half.  That allowed Samuel and the other two new players a chance to play more.  There was more passing and "real" play.  It ended up being a positive situation for Samuel's team.

Samuel and his team...there are only 6 of them
Samuel in action
When it was over, he said it was ok and did not hate it.  Hopefully the season will go quickly!

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