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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday Afternoon in the Park

Today we decided to have a family fun day.  Drew was gone for most of Saturday at a choir retreat and we wanted today to be memory-filled and not just football-filled!  I convinced Drew that we should go to Sunday Afternoon in the Park at Burroughs Park.  It is a free event sponsored by Harris County Parks and it was lots of fun.  Burroughs Park is one of my favorites in this area and I am often too lazy to go there with the kids.  The 30 minute drive is a drag when there a so many parks within 10 minutes of our house.  But, today needed to be special so off we went!

The only bad thing bad about today was the heat.  Summer has returned so despite the fall festival theme, it did not feel like fall at all!  Try high 80's....ugh!  Other than that we had a blast!

Since we are a little crazy at times we could not arrive as a family.  Drew rode yesterday in the hill country and was hoping for another ride today.  We decided that he could ride to the park and we would meet him.  It worked out perfectly.  We parked five minutes before he arrived, changed, and the fun began.

Of course I was camera ready to snap a picture!

There were lots of things to do, but with the heat we tried to keep it simple.  We did a pumpkin patch activity and even then only half of it.  We finished decorating the pumpkins at home in the air conditioning. 
Working on attaching the hair
Jonah and Samuel's finished project
Elena and Emma's finished pumpkins!
We ate snow cones.  That is the perfect treat on a hot day!

The kids played on the various park play sets. 

We walked around looking at all the silliness and took some fun pictures.

Silly faces
Smiling faces
Pumpkin heads

They had their faces painted and listened to a puppet theater story...The Three Little Pigs.

Perhaps the coolest part of the afternoon was watching the Memorial Hermann Life Flight Helicopter land.  It was amazing to watch it land in such a small area.  The wind created by it was crazy!  We were probably 40 or so feet away as it landed!  The boys and Elena toured it.  Emma was too hot and opted for the shade.  Those three also toured a fire truck.  Emma again said no.  She was tired. 

Of course, being in the country we were taken to and from the parking lot on a tractor pulled wagon.  What fun for the kids to sit on hay!  Seriously, you would have thought I gave them tons of candy.  They just loved it!
Hot and sweaty and

ready to go home!
Emma was tired and hot!
All in all we had a great time.  At dinner Drew asked the kiddos their favorite part of the afternoon and Jonah said, "pretty much everything"!  That made us both so happy!


  1. fun, fun! Once again, our lives are parallel (even our boy's shirts). haha looks like a great day (despite the heat).

  2. Only in Texas do you have snow cones at the end of October! At our party yesterday we were sipping hot cider!!!

  3. Looks like there was lots of fun for the kids to have! I would have been exhausted....haha.
    A helicopter landed near our library this summer and the boys loved it too. We could use a little of your sunshine, but keep the heat there :)