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Friday, October 12, 2012

Goals for Race Day

Tomorrow I am racing the 10 for Texas in The Woodlands.  Just like the name says, I will be running 10 miles.  I ran this race last year and did not do well.  I was really disappointed in my time (1:27.28).  It was humid, humid, humid and it made the run killer hard.  I never quit, but I wanted to for almost the entire race.

I have some more race experience and more confidence in my abilities this year.  I know I can do better, but will I?  The weather is going to be the same.  Sunny, warm, and humid.  I am not excited about that AT ALL!  I feel well trained despite my summer problems.  I have done great with my speed work.  But the weather...I always let it mess with my head.

I have tried really hard today to be positive.  I can only control what I can control.  I will focus.  I will push. I will race smart.  I will do what I can do.

My two 10 mile times are 1:27 and 1:25.  I have three goals for tomorrow.

Goal one is to bust out a 1:20.  It is possible based on my training.
Goal two is to run a 1:25.
Goal three is to survive the weather and enjoy the race.

I am hoping to come home with my A goal, but I am prepared for all three.  I can do all things....

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