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Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Ab Experiment

I have recently grown bored with all my normal ab exercise routines.  I still love Pilates (all time favorite) and Jillian, but I just wanted a change.  I think I am fairly knowledgeable about quality ab exercises and could have created my own routine.  I have in the past, but did not want to this time.  I definitely know I need strong abs to be a good runner so skipping abs is not an option.  I desired new inspiration so I turned to Pinterest.  I wanted something new that I have not seen in Shape, Fitness, Runner's World, etc.

I am not a member of Pinterest.  I don't ever plan on "pinning" things there.  Good heavens, I don't have time for that.  My copy button on the computer works just fine and so does my printer.  Anyway, I searched the Fitness page looking for some good ideas.  I found three and did a little ab experiment this week. 

These were my routines:
Waist Trimmer 



and finally, 

I did one routine each day for three days in a row in the order seen.  I did not really like the Core Challenge.  I know planks are an amazing exercise, but I thought this routine had too many planks.  It was good, but not for me.  I liked the variety of the first one...abs, jumping, etc.  I actually went through it three times because I did not feel like my abs were getting a good workout.  Finally, I did the 300 Abs and I declare it the winner.  My abs hurt when I was finished.  I only did it one time and that was plenty.  I also did each exercise slowly to ensure I was really working each ab muscle.  

My abs are getting the day off tomorrow, but I will be coming back to this on Saturday!

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