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Monday, October 15, 2012

The day after a race

On Saturday I ran a 10 mile race in killer humid conditions.  At first I was kind of disappointed with my time.  I had hoped for better.  I felt affirmed that I had done well after reading some blog posts and DM summaries of the race.  Everyone had a hard time with the humidity.  That helped me feel better about my time.  If only I did not live in the humid capital of the world...ha!

Racing is tough on the body.  It is harder than any long run, speed work, or casual run.  Thus, my legs are dead tired after a race.  Add in hard conditions and recovery is harder.  I was definitely dehydrated after the race and probably did not catch up on Saturday.  That made my workout on Sunday killer hard. 

I already thought 12 miles was going to be crazy hard.  It is never good to have doubts going into a run.  It did not help that I had to run on the treadmill.  I am not a treadmill hater, but I do prefer shorter runs on it. 
Can you see it?  I still run in the dark even when on the treadmill!
Ahh, I turned on the light.
Watching the news and then Dancing!
To help my mental status, I saved Dancing with Stars to watch.  I love watching it while running.  The energy of the dancers gives me energy and it is just plain entertaining.  It helped, but it was not enough.  I quit after 10 miles.  I was overdone. 

Actually after 4 miles I stopped because Elena woke up and needed me.  I refilled my water and got her settled.  I hopped back on to try to finish and I should have never gotten off.  That is when I knew 12 would not happen.  I managed 4 more miles and got off again.  I refilled my water again and had a quick snack.  Back on again for two more miles.  Dancing with the Stars was over and so was I. 
So done and tired!
I think it was more humid today and I was dripping.  Dripping like I had just run in the rain, but really I was running under a fan.  If I would have decided to keep running I would have changed my shorts.  Emma kept laughing at all the sweat spots on the treadmill and floor.  Gross is not quite adequate for how I felt.
Can you see how nasty I am?

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