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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pretending it is Fall

On Sunday Emma decided it was time to decorate the house for hall/Halloween/Thanksgiving.  I reluctantly agreed and Emma and Jonah got busy.  Being that I like to control where decorations are placed in our home it was a challenge for me to watch them decorate.  But they were so proud of their choices.  But I could barely stand where some of the things were placed.  So, I gently suggested I help and give little ideas where things might look good.  They were happy with that (thank goodness!) and then we were all happy!  This is what some of our decorations look like....

This is my new favorite thing in our house...the blackboard in the breakfast room.  I try really hard to write a note to Emma, Jonah, Samuel, and Elena each morning.  They are quickly becoming "trained" to see what the morning message is.  I also keep a scripture verse on the board and it stays up all week.  The best part is the blackboard is magnetic too!  I can put all our fun pictures around it....just LOVE!

Pumpkin garland
This was my Grandma and Pop's mirror and Drew always loved it.  When they moved out of their home, my mom made sure we got it.  It is now hanging in our breakfast room and it is my second new love in our house.    It also has pumpkin garland on it.
Fireplace and hearth
Then yesterday Elena, Samuel, and I went pumpkin shopping.  We also purchased some fall plants.  I searched and searched for a fun pumpkin farm for us to visit on a weekend.  However, most are really far and they all cost a fortune.  I can do lots more with the money we would spend so I decided against that fall activity.  Instead, we went to our usual plant store and pretended to be in a pumpkin patch.  My poor kiddos don't know what a real pumpkin farm is so this makes them just as happy.  It makes me sad.  Either way, we had fun.  Emma, Jonah, and I will return later this week so they can get their pumpkins.

Samuel with his pumpkin
Elena with her pumpkin
The final result of our shopping.  I had the scarecrows and pumpkin sign already.
It was cool for two days and now it is going to be 90 degrees again for the next week.  We are ready for fall and hope it comes to stay soon.

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