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Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday rewind

Thank goodness it is Friday!  It has been a long week.  Why does that happen?  Some weeks are over before they start and then there are the ones that never end.  Oh, well!

We have all had a good week.  Here is a little recap for all my kiddos!

Emma:  Emma got a kick butt good progress report.  It was all 100's and two high 90's.  I told her she needed to do better next time and she chuckled.  I am so glad she gets sarcasm!  She worked hard this week on her gymnastics.  Tomorrow is the District meet.  Poor thing has had three weeks to practice level 4.  I know she can do great, but I still have a bitter spot in my heart about how Ashley treated her this season.

Jonah:  He had his first official Tiger Den meeting this week.  He loved it except for when all the adults were talking.  Goodness!  Drew said it was for approximately 10 minutes.  Jonah and his friend Connor had two fights this week on the bus over a girl!  I cannot believe that is happening already.  They got over it quickly.  I am not sure I am ready for this.  Jonah also had a fantastic progress reports.  He had all 100's and one high 90.  He did not get my sarcasm about doing better next time as quickly as Emma did.

Samuel:  Samuel had a normal week---preschool, hanging with mom, a little baking....just the normal stuff.  He did tell me on Wednesday that I could not go in the shop without him because he is the second owner.  What a funny guy!  Tomorrow is his first soccer game!

Elena:  She has been a total grouch.  She gave up napping and let me tell you....she still needs a nap!  I almost walked out of the house on Tuesday because I could not take all her yelling at me for no good reason.  Thankfully the last two days have been a little better.

Here is our funny little story for the week.  Today after running 16 miles, taking Samuel to school, and running errands I told Elena that I was pooped.  She said, " no you aren't, but I tooted at the store!"  Hilarious!  It still makes me chuckle!!

Here's to a good weekend!

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