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Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Halloween Filled weekend

Oh my gosh I am tired.  This weekend was jammed pack full of fun in addition to a soccer game, running, and doing stuff around the house.  Thank goodness the kids go back to school tomorrow!!

Friday night Jonah's Cub Scout Pack hosted a Fall Festival.  Jonah is only a Tiger Scout, but all the scouts in the pack participated in the event.  Friday was our first cold night of the fall and the event was outside.  Thus, we did not stay long.  That was plenty fine with all of us.  The kids had played games, eaten treats, and received candy.  They were ready to go as well.

On Friday, the kids dressed as
Samuel the carpenter, Emma the gymnast, Elena the fairy, and Jonah the batman.  So cute!
Blurry I know, but so sweet of Emma to help Elena play the games
Elena doing what was most important...eating her candy.

Counting his loot!
On Saturday we attended our friends annual Halloween bash.  This year I decided on a theme for our family's costumes....the Duncans from "Good Luck Charlie".
Introducing Drew as Bob, me as Amy, Emma as Teddy, Elena as Charlie, Samuel as Gabe, and Jonah as PJ.  I think we look pretty good.  Well, not me.  I am definitely not meant to be a blond, but we look good as the Duncans.  Drew is under strict orders to regrow his go-tee. 

The food was very creative and super yummy!

I made spider PB crackers
Our friend Tami made these delicious treats!
I made this spider layer dip...yum!
Tami made this too!
The kids played two different games.  To get their attention I told them to put bubbles in their mouths.  Elena thought that was hilarious!  Samuel has the best time playing "pass the pumpkin"!

All the kiddos!
If that was not enough, then today we went to the Halloween Trunk or Treat at our church.  Emma wore her third costume of the Halloween season.  I might like this one the best!
A rainbow!
Elena tried her first ever cotton candy.  She was a little skeptical, but she ate it all.  Jonah loves cotton candy!

Elena had a blast on the slide.  Jonah loved pretending he was flying.  They of course got more candy then they need and played games.  I already have more candy in this house than we need.  Some of it might disappear tomorrow!

I wanted a group photo before we left.  Elena was a little disgusted that I was asking to take another picture!

Until Wed....who knows what they will dress up as on Halloween Night!

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  1. OMG! I can't remember the last time I saw Drew without a go-tee. He looks like he did (almost::) 15 years ago.

    Love all the cute costumes!!!

    Happy Halloween to all in Houston!!!!!!!!