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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Fresh Start

Here I go again take two!  I ended "today is the day" blog today.  I am over it and don't plan on returning.  It had become an unhealthy thing for me and there was a lack of focus.  After much consideration, I closed it.  Then after more consideration I opened "Our Daily (G)races.  Cute don't you think?  I do and am so thankful I have creative friends!

So, this is my new blog and it is private.  I plan to invite people...mostly family...to join at some point, but not today.  For now I am writing this just for me.  I realized with the other blog that I enjoy writing all the crazy things that are in my head.  However, I felt like I was really filtering it and trying to write things that were not really for me.  This time it will be different.  I plan to write about my running and will do so every day I run.  I plan to write about my kiddos and will do so at least three times a week.  I plan to write about my faith.  I want to do this more than before and I hope this will challenge me to be more focused in my faith journey.  I will be writing for me and no one else.  That is important and I must remember it AT ALL TIMES!

The one thing I love about blogging is all the pictures.  I look at every life situation as an opportunity to take pictures.  I wish I felt that way when Emma, Jonah, and Samuel were babies.  I felt like if I never blogged again my picture taking would slow down and I definitely don't want that to happen.  I love all those memories.

This is my fresh start.  I coincides with the beginning of October and I don't think that is by accident.  I feel like God waited until the right time to say loudly "do this today".  I heard Him this morning when I was running.  I listened and I followed!  It felt like a weight had been lifted when I said good-bye.  A door closed and this door opened.

I feel like this blog title is very appropriate for my life at the moment.  I feel challenged in every way...a mom, a wife, a runner...each day.  I fail miserably at times and usually in all three each day.  I need grace to get through my daily races and could not be more thankful for people who give me grace.  Thus (G)race....the giving and receiving of grace in my daily life to myself and others!

There you have it.  The beginning of something new and very much needed!  I pray I always remember why I started this blog!

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