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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Embracing the Run

Well, I am 3/5 of the way through my hardest week of running ever.  So far so great!  That is such a wonderful thing to be able to type.  I have not set any speed records or shocked anyone with my results, but my running has been steady and solid all week.  I am a super happy running momma at the moment.

Let me start by saying I have added to my running a little.  I started going to boot camp again last week.  It is not a killer hard class.  It is more like "you get out of it what you put into it" kind of class.  Currently, I am working the arms and abs and kind of working the legs.  Too much jumping freaks me out because I worry about a knee injury.  So, strong core and arms it will be.  I am glad I decided to return to class!

On Tuesday I ran 6 miserable miles on the treadmill.  It was only miserable because of the weather.  My treadmill is on the enclosed porch and it was like a sauna.  I stopped at one point because I thought I might pass out from heat.  Yes, it is January.

By Wednesday, the weather had changed and I ran 11 miles outside.  The 5am start time was a little much, but I had to be finished to get Emma and Jonah on the bus.  Running so much in the dark can be a challenge.  I am limited in where I can run so it is lots of loops.  I think it is good training for the drudgery of the marathon middle miles.  One hour and 43 minutes later I finished and was happy to be starting my day energized.

Today was the biggie.  10x800's in the dark and in the cold....yikes.  The last time I did this workout was in October.  I, however, was excited.  This kind of workout is challenging and I am EMBRACING all challenges during this running cycle.  There is no dread because that only serves to crush my spirit.  I used a little reverse psychology on myself this morning.  I did focus on being strong and courageous, but I also told myself over and over again that this was a hard workout.  It would hurt.  I would feel tired and want to stop.  Those statements just helped me run through the beep (on my watch). 

My goal today was to run each 800 between 3:45-3:39.  My actual splits were

I clapped for myself when I finished!  I thought it was a job well done. 
I want to remember how much I love running so pictures it is even if I look like crap!
I could have run another or maybe two.  I probably could have run all of them closer to 3:35, but 10 repeats is tough.  I had to save some energy for the last ones.  Now I know for next time, which will be in two weeks!

Up next is 11 miles tomorrow.  Another 4:45am wake up call.  Another run in the dark...just me and my thoughts.  Saturday is a rest day and then 22 big miles on Sunday.  I am EMBRACING it all!
My "Embrace It All" necklace

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  1. You are embracing it... that is awesome! What a great run. I keep saying it, but I'm amazed at how consistent you always are with your splits! I can't do that unless it is on the TM.