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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Marathon training resumes

I took off one week.  Well actually there were only 6 days of no running.  I needed that time to heal from the race and to get over my horrible cold.    I think it was actually a blessing that I was sick!

I might have rested longer this time because of the cold, but I had to get back to business.  I am running another marathon on March 2.  From today I have seven weeks to improve!  And trust me, there are many areas that need improvement.  Each marathon (well the two I have run) have contained many lessons.   It takes me a few days to get over the "my quads don't work" thinking to process what happened during the race and acknowledge I learned from my run. 

Being totally honest I was not excited to run on January 1.   The weather was a bummer and I just did not feel ready.  I already felt excited for The Woodlands Marathon on 3/2 and was looking forward instead of focusing on the present.  That was problem number one.  Second I just did not feel fully prepared.  I had run tons and I told myself I was ready.  In one sense I was ready.  I had run enough miles and put in the time to run a marathon, but I did not feel ready to run the race I wanted to run.  I haven't fully figured out my thinking on this, but it did make me want to run more.  I knew I wanted to work harder.  I wanted to have a more challenging training program so I asked for one.  I got it and it scares me, but I am excited about it at the same time.  I know this is a good thing.

So, I started running again last Tuesday.  It was an easy week...kind of.  There was no speed work and only one double digit run.  My legs are still a little tired and sore.  It took until Thursday to feel good.  I ran three times on the treadmill which in itself is hard for me.  I was able to run outside twice.   I took every run very easy.  I did not push the pace on any run. 

Things change this week.  Speed work returns.  Strength training begins in full force.  I did not focus on this enough in the fall.  This time it is a huge focus for me!  And really long runs return.  My focus for the next seven weeks is family and running.  This 3/2 marathon is very important to me and I really want to run well.  Lucky for me Drew is on board with this plan as well.  Eating well, to bed early, and being a boring wife...he is okay with that!  I am so lucky!

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