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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Making friends with my treadmill

I like to run outside unless it is raining which has been well documented.  I complain about the heat, humidity, and wind.  But, I would still rather run outside than be on the treadmill.  I have about a 3 mile limit and I am bored out of my mind.  Even with the television or chatting children I get tired of moving in place.  It is just boring.

One of the things I decided would help make me a stronger runner is to run on the treadmill.  Go figure!  I rationalized if I could run longer distances on it without stopping my mind would be getting stronger.  For me, this is so true.  I know on the treadmill that I can get off if I need water or a little break.  I can hold onto the side rails, slow the pace, or whatever it may be.  I don't do that when I am outside.  I run my workout and always try to be as strong as possible.  I don't know why the treadmill makes me a wimp.  I do think it is the boredom.

With seven weeks until my next marathon I plan to run as much as possible on the treadmill.  That said, I am not running my long runs on it.  Nothing is worth 20 miles on the treadmill.  Those runs will be occurring outside!  Last week I did several runs on it and I am still living to talk about it.  I am trying to make friends with my treadmill.  It is very nice.  I have no complaints about the setting choices.  I even like where it is in my house.  As with everything else I plan to do this year, I am EMBRACING the treadmill.  We will be best friends by March 2!

I say that without having completed any speed work on the treadmill since early last fall.  Thursday will be my first go at 800's on it and I am a little nervous.  I am running 6 repeats plus the warm-up, in between rests, and cool down.  I am looking forward to the beginning and end.  Literally since Sunday I have been psyching myself up for this workout.  I know I can do this.  When I finish, I know I will be one step closer to be a mentally stronger worker. 

I read workout reports all the time on Daily Mile from people doing speed work on it.  I have also read many blogs where people solely train on the treadmill.  Crazy inspiring runners have run through a child's surgery or for 24 hours on the treadmill.  They are all way stronger runners than I am.  I know it helps them and I know it will help me. 

Now I just have to record lots of Friends to get me through the workouts!

If anyone has treadmill running suggestions, do share please!

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