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Thursday, January 17, 2013

800's and playdough

Today the scheduled called for 6x800 and I had to do it on the treadmill.  Actually I could have run them outside, but it would have been 32 degrees and pitch dark.  No thank you!  I pick the treadmill on the enclosed, but not heated or cooled porch in the daylight with a tv to watch.    Really there was no choice!

I procrastinated as long as I could by doing things like dishes, reading the paper, reading email, and watching Team Umizoomi.  It is compelling tv!  Finally I got my butt in gear and started running.  I decided it would be easier to keep track of the repeats if I put sticky notes on my treadmill.  I could also then crumbled one up as I finished each repeat. 

I have not done any speed work since November 22nd!  Wow!!  I missed two scheduled speed work days because I was sick so it has been a long time!  I ran the first two without any trouble.   I set my pace at 7:30, 7:24, or 7:19 depending on how I felt and how close I was to finishing the 800.  I wanted to finish faster than I started.  The third one gave me fits.  At the 400 mark I held onto the rails for a second and then I hit stop.  I looked at the ceiling and said "you just quit on your marathon."  Feeling totally disgusted with myself I started up again at the 7:19 pace and finished.  The last three went much better.  I was feeling good and hit stop only to realize that I did not finish.  I had lost track of my distance and after some quick math I realized I had a 400 to run yet.  I was so annoyed with myself that I ran a long 800.  It was more like a 900 or 1000.  Even with a few bumps I felt pretty good with the results today. 

I ran just under 4 minutes rests and did a one mile warm up and cool down.  So, 6.5 miles later I felt like I embraced the challenge and did well for today. 800's on the treadmill was not a awful as I thought it might be.  My sticky note plan worked well for the number of repeats.  Next time I just have to do a better job with my math.

I ran in my new shoes today.  They are Saucony Cortana. 
I wanted to keep them clean in case they need to go back.  I like them I think. I should say I love the colors, but the comfort remains undetermined.  There are a 4mm drop and I am used to an 8mm drop so I am nervous about the change.  They are comfortable, but I think my right shin is paying for the difference.  It is a little sore.  They are going back in the closet until next week.  I am not ready for a long run in them yet!

The good thing about having a treadmill at home is that I have greater choice when I can run.  The bad thing about having a treadmill at home is that I am immediately mom when I hit stop.  Today I had to hold off Elena and Samuel for the last half mile of my cool down.  Tangled was over and they were ready to play with play-doh. 

So, hungry, sweaty, and now cold I had to set up the play-doh.  Then I forgot I was cold so I did some laundry, more dishes, made the beds, and the list goes on.  Thankfully I remembered to stretch while working.  Nothing like a proper recovery!

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  1. Recovery? What - us Moms are supposed to get recovery time?! :) Great job getting it done! I have a love/hate with sprints on the treadmill. Nice pep talk getting yourself back into it.