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Thursday, January 10, 2013

The weekly sickness update

If I had written down all the symptoms and colds we have had since Thanksgiving it might make me cry.   No one in the house has been spared and several of us...mostly me and Elena...have had the worst luck.  Thank goodness all my kiddos had the flu shot or who knows how sick we might all be or have been.

So, on to today with the latest on our sick adventures. For a little recap she was sick the weekend before Christmas.  She seemed to be improving until she threw up on me at the Christmas Eve service....just gross.  Christmas Day was okay, but I knew it was time to visit Dr. Irani.  We went the day after Christmas.  Elena was wheezing and was put on an inhaler regimen. 
December 26th...poor girl
This past weekend her cough returned and she has gotten steadily worse.  After vomiting twice last night and coughing so much I knew we had to return to Dr. Irani again.  A little about the vomiting because I know everyone wants to know.  The first episode was at 8:30....new sheets, a bath, and some rug cleaning.  The second episode was at 11:10....new sheets again, a new comforter, more rug cleaning, and no bath this time.  Lucky for Elena the first set of sheets just finished drying so she got warm flannel sheets on her bed.  After continued horrible coughing she finally fell asleep around midnight.  Thankfully the rest of the night was quiet. 

To the doctor we went this afternoon and she had croup.  I thought she might, but there was no seal barking like Jonah gets with croup.  Her cough is horribly dry and painful.  She keeps complaining that her stomach hurts from coughing.   Now we have steroids and I pray a cure for this reoccurring cold. 

At least the poor girl has her Yuengling to keep her company.  This was just the sweetest scene today!  Elena is the only one that Yuengling will love on like this!
Yes, my tree is still up.  It is coming down tomorrow.
Elena, my dear, mommy is tired so please don't throw up tonight!  Please sleep all night and get better quickly!


  1. Oh no!! Poor girl! I just got done with a week of croup at our house... All three girls had it, but we didn't have to have any breathing treatments - just a dose of steroids to open them up. Hope she gets to feeling better and you get some sleep!

  2. Sweet girl . . . you have to get better soon!!! We love you!!!!!