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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Let the potty training begin

Elena was three in December.  She still wears diapers.  We talk all the time about going on the potty.  I have been trying to encourage using the big girl potty since last summer.  Obviously since Elena still wears diaper I have been unsuccessful.  I am finding this process totally frustrating.  I managed to get three other children using the bathroom by this time.  Why this stubborn child cannot follow that pattern is beyond me!

Elena has several excuses. 

First, "I went yesterday Mommy".  Yesterday to Elena is anything in the past. 

Second, "I am too busy".  She is always to busy.

Third and my favorite, "I am going to pee on the potty when I am 4!"  I don't think so Elena because that is 11 months from now!

As you can see, we disagree on the whole potty training thing.  I have tried bribery....candy for a successful trip to the bathroom.  I have tried buying big girl undies of her choice.  I have tried the horrible parenting move of telling Elena her cousin Leah will only play with her if she is potty trained.  Leah, who is also 3, has been diaper free since she was 2!  Nothing has worked and I have given in to the idea that she will use the potty when she is ready. 

With that said, I still try to put her on the potty several times a day.  Much to my happiness, we have had some success in the past few days.  Elena even agreed to try the potty at church....big steps.  Tonight was the biggest milestone yet.  Elena asked to get out of the bath to use the potty and she did!  I am praying we are on the right course and we can soon be diaper free during the day.

Looking at her book!

 If anyone has any grand suggestions, do share!


  1. WTG Elena. Have you heard of potty training in less than a day? I used it on all three of my kids. Let me know if you want to hear about it.

  2. Can totally relate to being ready... I hit critical "mass" this summer with three in diapers at once. We were successful with Karen (finally) by removing the power struggle and giving her "all" the responsibility. I wrote a post on it in October I think.