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Friday, January 4, 2013

How NOT to recover from a marathon

On Wednesday I did four loads of laundry, made two beds, and packed for six people for our weekend trip to Nashville. I also semi cleaned our house. By the afternoon I was overdone and napped for one hour.

I will say I did a good job of rehydrating, eating the correct foods, and stretching. But, I was exhausted! My body was so sore. This time my lower legs were almost worse than my quads. Walking was killer bothersome, but I managed. My cold has been getting worse by the day so that was not helping.

So, we drove all day yesterday to Nashville and I slept all day. Literally all day. I was the worst co-pilot ever for Drew. The good thing is we have driven this way so many times and no help was needed.

After resting all day yesterday I physically feel better. My cold is still getting worse, which is probably a strangely good thing. It is keeping me from running. I will definitely be resting for the weekend.

As my recovery continues I am being pampered by my sister in law, Lara. We are visiting her and her family in Nashville for the remainder of our Christmas break. Meemaw is here too. Emma is loving playing with Kristen and Miriam. The boys are enjoying the new toys. Elena loves, loves, loves the dog and new babies! It is going to be a great weekend for them and for me.

Today we went to the Science Museum. That is definitely not my favorite place to go, but I will say this was a very cool place. There was so much to explore, tons of hands on stuff, and an awesome talk about Nitrogen. The best part of museums for me is watching the kids expressions. It is really priceless to see the wonder and amazement on their faces.

It was a lovely day! Here's to more fun tomorrow and hopefully feeling much better!

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