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Monday, January 21, 2013

We went swimming outside!

We had a crazy busy weekend.  Emma had a gymnastics meet in New Orleans.  Jonah had a gymnastics meet in Austin.  Yeah....those two cities are not near each other at all so Drew went east and I went west.  Jonah, Elena, and I got home so late last night that today was all about resting and catching up.  Well, except for swimming.  We went swimming outside at our friend's pool today.  Eileen heated the pool and we enjoyed the 68 degree day in Houston.

Elena...totally independent with her arm floats.
Jonah can never do a "normal" jump
Jonah, our host Patrick, and Samuel
Samuel doing his best to belly flop, but somehow he did not.
Emma and her friend Ashlynn
The girls
It was a lovely, surprising way to spend a January day.  I guess it is a perk of living where it is warm.

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