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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Coming up for Air

Every week I run 5 days.  This has been my pattern since marathon training began way back in August.  Coming off my broken toe and hip injury, running was hard.  To run in the heat of the summer made most runs awful.  In the fall I had a few good runs.  Some runs I would even deem as great.  I ran 18 miles on October 28th and it was a great run.  The 5 mile race on Thanksgiving Day was a good race.  I had some great 8 mile runs in October.   Other than that handful of runs, running was hard.  It was drudgery every single time I walked out the door.  Honestly, I really did not like running.  I was running to check it off my to-do list....to follow my plan.  There was no joy in it for me. 

After the marathon on January 1, I decided this would be a good, if not, great training cycle.  I had to have a better one than I did in the summer and fall.  Last week was not very encouraging.  I was not still feeling 100% from my cold and my body was still not 100% from the marathon.  It was a hard week of running.  It was the continuation of drudgery.  Again, I decided this week would be better.  It had to be!

I was excited all week for today's long run. I knew the weather would be great (35 degrees when I started).  I knew I would be running totally in the daylight. I was planning on wearing my new shirt!  I just had a good feeling about it all week.  Today did not disappoint.  The sky was a beautiful "good morning" when I went outside.  It was streaks of bright pink, white, and blue.  It was brilliant.  It was God's sign to me that today would be beautiful!  I ran 16 miles and it was a flat out amazing run.  I wanted to smile the entire time.  I was so happy.  I was totally overjoyed to feel great while running.  It felt easy and not like work.  It was a life giving run.  This is why I run.  To be filled up and encouraged.  I felt like I was finally coming up for air.  I could breathe again and I was just so freaking happy!

I did not look at my watch often.  Mostly I looked just to keep track of the miles.  That was a freeing feeling...to not care at all about my race.  I just ran what felt easy and what made me happy.  Today was all about feeling happy!

1- 9:31
2- 9:36
3- 9:30
4- 9:10
5- 9:02--GU
6- 9:03
7- 9:02
8- 9:00
9- 9:05
10- 9:19--GU
11- 8:59
12- 9:00
13- 8:57
14- 8:59
15- 8:57
16- 8:49

I was even happier when I saw how consistent my splits were.   The times just reaffirmed for me how wonderful and encouraging today was. 

I know every run will not be this wonderful.  But, the great thing about today is that I know what it feels like again to have a great run.  Instead of drowning the entire time, I was floating.  I can feel that feeling again and I know it will happen again. 
My face and my body language just screams happiness to me.  Despite being cold, I was happy!  I asked Drew to take a picture, but I wanted a permanent reminder of this run!

EMBRACING the run in 2013!


  1. Look at you embracing the day! love it!! That's what it's all about. I love when everything comes together like that.

    You should get a copy of this picture and post it somewhere that you will see it often! True running happiness! :-)

  2. so so happy for you. i've been waiting for this type of run for a long long time . so glad you got yours. yes your body language does show you are happy. I"m smiling for you too!!!