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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Jonah's best meet yet!

Woo hoo for Jonah!  He had a great meet today.  He is getting closer and closer to putting it all together to have an amazing meet.  Today was a small meet so it was the perfect setting for Jonah to build some confidence and gain more meet experience.
Waiting for the meet to start
Our day started early with a departure time of 7am.  We arrived in plenty of time for the 8:15 check in time with coaches.  Drew and the kiddos arrived just before 9 when the meet began.  First up was pommel horse, which is typically Jonah's worst event.  He hates it and does not try too much to do better.  Today was his best result and he placed 7th overall in his age group.  It gave me the giggles when they announced his name.  When Jonah and I talked about his surprise medal Jonah said, "I know right.  It is funny!"

Next was still rings and Jonah had his best ring score.  He earned a 10.1 which is into the bonus...so proud.  Again, he earned an age group place.

It was then onto pommel horse and Jonah did not do very well.  He said he was still nervous from his fall a few weeks ago in Austin.  After that it was the vault.  This is Jonah's favorite event.  I am pretty sure his second warm up vault was better than his scored one, but still he receive a 10.2.  This was his highest vault score and some more bonus points!  Yeah Jonah.  Jonah was 2nd in his age group on vault and his smile was huge when they announced his name!
The last two events were high bar and floor.  Jonah received a 9.3 on HB, which was his highest score yet this season.  He is getting better at keeping his legs together during the swings.
The last event was floor and during warm-ups Jonah injured his wrist during warm-ups.  His coach taped it, but it was obvious Jonah was uncomfortable.  During any skills requiring wrist strength Jonah had trouble.  I was so sad for him because he was excited to perform the press to handstand and round-off back handspring for the first time at a meet.  He still did them, but had some trouble.  Despite all the difficulty, Jonah received a 9.2. 
All of Jonah's hard work today earned him 8th All Around in his age group.  So, so proud of Jonah today!  He was pretty proud of himself as well.  This is the little boy with lots of self-confidence!
All Around
Jonah and all his medals!
A little giggling at lunch!

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