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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Today was tough

Lots of people talk about the terrible twos.  I have thought for a long time that the age of two is pretty easy when compared to age three.  Every single one of my kiddos have made me crazy at some point during their third year.  Elena is no exception and today she was out of control crazy! 

She bit Samuel twice for who knows what reason.  She is not a biter normally.

She screamed at both of us all day long for no good reason.

She fussed at Samuel if he moved and I am hardly exaggerating.  Everything he had she needed two seconds ago.

She yelled at me for not having her preferred lunch.  She has never wanted mac and cheese for lunch before today.

She screamed the entire time I was checking out at Target because she had to give the sprinkles to the cashier so I could pay for them.

I had to run 8 miles this morning.  My normal Tuesday routine is to run after Emma and Jonah get on the bus.  Samuel and Elena are quite used to this.  I get them everything they could possibly need and I start running.  I all but beg them not to bother me unless for an emergency.  During my first 5 miles I had to stop 5 times!  One time was a legitimate reason.  The last three miles were totally uninterrupted because I sent them to their rooms.  It would have been necessary even if I wasn't running.

The list could go on.  It is amazing that I can still hear with all her screaming.  Thankfully she fell asleep on our 8 minute drive home from Target.  So, what did I do?  I sat in the car for 45 minutes while she napped.  Samuel graciously agreed to watch a movie and I talked to a friend. 
Still sleepy!
Thankfully Samuel behaved pretty well today and we were able to complete his Valentine's.
Goofy boy...can't believe he will be 5 next week!
Thanks to Family Fun magazine we made these cute little things.  All my kids know what a school of fish is (I checked).   I hope his friends do!
He is getting pretty good at writing his name!
I thought they needed to be cuter and I needed something else to do (not really) so I did this before dinner. 
wrapped all cute with curly ribbon
Then, because I have no time this week Samuel picked out candles for his teachers.  Perfect!
More curly ribbon
Thankfully tomorrow is a new day.  I am running 11 miles before everyone wakes for the day!  We are making our Valentine's dinner dessert.  There are no gym runs tomorrow.  It will only be 5 days until my birthday!!!  How could it be a bad day?

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  1. Sounds like a lot of days at my house with my Megan (also three) and I absolutely think that it should be called the terrible threes!!!