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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Big News and little news....

So, you will never guess but half the kiddos are sick again.  Elena has croup again and so does Jonah.  WHY????  Elena was back at the doctor yesterday for the third time in 5 weeks.  I am so over this pretend winter we are having because I think it is one of the main causes she continues to get sick.  Of course, when one of them gets sick I get a little something too.  I talk about sharing nicely all the time, but colds is something I would prefer they don't share.

The big news in our house Elena is potty trained.  WOO HOO!!!!  We had some successful and unexpected potty attempts in public last Friday and Saturday morning.  After Jonah's meet I decided it was potty boot camp time.  She has not worn a diaper during the day since Saturday at lunch time.  She has had three accidents, but that is par for the course.  I am super pleased with her progress and pray for no relapses!
Cute little diaper-less girl!
Jonah still has an injured wrist.  Yesterday at the gym he said it hurt only during strength exercises.  The pain radiated up to his elbow.  Jonah did not tell anyone and just plugged along.  So, today he is not going to the gym.  He is sick and his wrist still needs more rest.  Hopefully he will be good to go on Thursday.

Samuel fell in the back yard on Saturday and did this little number to his head.  I hope it is gone by his birthday!
The goose egg is gone, but he still has the ugly scab.
Emma is working on a book report so we have both read this book.  I love re-reading books I read when I was her age.  Emma did not understand why I could not remember all the details of a book I read 30 years ago....goodness!  I always read her book report books so I can provide appropriate guidance in completing the assignment.  Then, of course, I know if she really read the book.  She did!

I feel amazing after my 22 miler.  I hardly had any muscle aches yesterday, which totally shocked me.  Today I ran 5 miles on the treadmill and it felt good.  I decided to increase the speed during each commercial set.  It helped make the run go faster and was way less boring.  This is a rest week, but I will still be running 35 miles.  I love how that is down week!  Marathon training is hilarious!

As for Drew, he started training for the MS 150.  I would rather run a marathon each week than ride 150 miles in two days!  It is in April.

It is National Pancake Day...who knows why.  So, we are having pancakes for dinner.  It seems appropriate.

So, there you have it.  All the fun and not so fun news in the Mann house!


  1. Yes, you have had quite the busy house! Congrats on your youngest being potty trained!! That is HUGE! We are AT LEAST another year away I think. Ashton has NO interest in going on the toilet whatsoever. I'm so ready to be saving that diaper $$ too. Oh well. We'll get there someday!

    Sounds like you are in a great place training-wise and your body seemed to handle your 22 miler so well. Enjoy your "light" week. ;-) I totally agree about marathon mileage! Lol!! It gets addicting though. I know I'm doing a lot of mileage when on days I "only" run 6 or 7 miles I feel like such a slacker. Only another marathoner would understand what I mean!

    1. It is nice only having to use diapers at night time! I totally agree...training for a marathon can be addicting especially when it is going well!

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