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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Jonah earned his badge

Yesterday was a big day for Jonah.  Really it is going to be a big weekend for Jonah.  Gymnastics watching/helping, Tiger Scout awards, and a gymnastics competition.  He gets to experience it all with Drew.  Jonah has been so excited about his special time with daddy this weekend....so sweet!

Yesterday Drew got Jonah out of school early to go to volunteer at a Trampoline and Tumbling contest.  A little bonus was getting to watch the Texas A&M men's gymnastics team and the Chinese National Team warm up for their competition.  Drew said that Jonah was so excited...more than words can describe at watching their tricks.  Jonah was also a little frustrated that he could not practice his own skills.  They were at the competition for three hours before heading home for his Tiger Scout award ceremony. 

After completing all the required assignments, Jonah earned his Tiger Scout badge.  It was a proud moment for me and Drew.  Jonah thought it was pretty cool as well.  He just looks so handsome in his uniform!
The table centerpiece

All this happened after he spent the morning playing cowboy.  Friday was "Go Texan Day".  It signifies the beginning of rodeo season, which is a HUGE deal!  Emma and Jonah had hoedowns at school.  Elena and Samuel just dressed for the occasion because why not?  I think our rodeo gear is lacking and I need to get the kids cooler stuff for next year.  I know they would all appreciate boots!

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