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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

It would probably be nuts if I talked about anything but love today, but how about some love for the run.  I do love running !  It makes me happy!  Today was a good running day.  Well, it was a better running day and that is many steps in the right direction.

I abandoned my 10x800's today because I knew my body was not yet ready for that kind of craziness.  Instead my coach told me to do a progression run for the same number of miles I would have run if I did the 800's.  So, today I ran 9.25 miles with each mile progressively faster.  It was tough at first....that whole breathing thing, but it got better.  My splits were
8:02 for the last 0.25 mile....I was glad it was only a 1/4 mile!  Total run was 1:25.14

Not blazing fast by any means, but a solid run.  Tomorrow is a rest day so I am praying all this junk exits my body before Saturday morning.

Now, onto the LOVE!  Valentine's Day is a funny thing.  I used to think it was a holiday created by Hallmark.  Having children changed my opinion....surprise!  I now see it as a day to be very intentional about loving others especially my family.  I love them everyday and tell them everyday I love them.  But, it is fun for us all to celebrate our love for one another. 

We actually had our Valentine's dinner and gift sharing last night.  Today is a gymnastics day and it just did not feel right to have a special dinner without Emma and Jonah.  Yesterday, I prepared everyone's gifts.  The kiddos received a small bag that can be tied to their bedpost to hold their goodies.  Everyone got a shirt, my love notes, and Little Debbie heart cupcakes.  That was probably the biggest hit since I never, ever buy that stuff.  They were so excited.  I gave Drew some coffee for the Keurig and new biking gloves.  His love notes were in his card. 
Jonah reading one of his love notes
They are the cutest bags!
The kids made Drew the biggest Valentine's Day card ever.  It was Emma's idea and she did all the work.  Drew loved it!

We ate in the dining room on our "good" plates.  I gave the kids special cups.  They just thought it was so wonderful!  I made spaghetti and meatballs...think about the scene from "Lady and the Tramp".  I thought it was romantic and fun so that was our dinner.  We also had strawberries...no chocolate because I don't mix the two and Rice Krispie treat hearts for dessert.  Everything about our little dinner was easy.  However, because none of it is our norm, it made dinner really fun and enjoyable!

Today I made heart shaped sandwiches for everyone's lunch and they could finally eat the Little Debbie heart shaped cupcakes.  I sent Drew an "I love you" text.  Finally, the packages that had been sitting by the door all week were opened.  Mammy and Pappy and Grammy and Grandpa sent little things to the kiddos and it was much appreciated.

The text picture

When I came down this morning to run I found my card from Drew on the counter.  That was a special treat at 5am!  Drew also gave me flowers.  I am so excited for the Star Gazer Lilies to open.  We had them at our wedding and I LOVE THEM!

My sweet little loves all dressed in red today and I made them pose for pictures!

I hope everyone we love had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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