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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Giving myself a little Grace

Last Monday Elena was diagnosed with croup.  I self diagnosed Jonah with it on Tuesday.  By Wednesday I felt pretty much like crap.  My cold settled in my chest and is producing an amazing amount of nastiness.  The wheezing has passed, but breathing clearly remains a little challenging.  So, you can imagine how fun it is to run when I cannot take a full breath.

I debated all day Friday....do I run this weekend or do I rest?  Whether it was smart or not, I opted for running.  After marking trails at Huntsville State Park all morning Friday I was a little pooped. 

Pretty, but very glad I was not running this race!
I decided that I needed sleep and would run my long run Saturday afternoon.  I knew with the rain coming on Sunday I would never have the mental toughness while sick to run 12 miles on the treadmill.  On Saturday afternoon I headed out for my 3-6-3 run.  I was supposed to run 3 easy miles, 6 miles at 8:23, and then 3 more easy miles.  I figured the middle 6 miles at that pace would be impossible.  I had trouble breathing normally and it was crazy windy.  It was a miserable, consistent almost swirling wind.  UGH!  I am guessing that 90% of my run was directly into the wind.

I tried to run the first mile at pace and clocked in at 8:38 so it was a horrible miss.  I knew right then and there if I wanted to run all 12 miles without stopping it would have to be on different terms.  I decided to run all 6 miles under 9 minutes because on this day that would be a challenge.  I did it, but barely!  I also ran 1 extra mile under 9 minutes since I was not running my miles at pace.  Probably a dumb decision, but my mind needed to do that.

My splits were 8:38, 8:59, 8:55, 8:56, 8:50, 8:49, and 8:43.  I worked for that last mile and am very proud of my effort.  Running while tired, sick, and into the wind will benefit me on race day.   I am very confident of this!

I felt more tired after 12 miles than I did after 22 miles last Sunday.  Wow, what a difference a week makes!

Today I was scheduled to run 6 miles and again I picked sleep instead of an early morning run.  I ran this afternoon on the treadmill.  I originally thought I would stop at 4.  I felt ok at 4 and run one more mile.  At 5 miles I was pretty tired and should have stopped, but running does something  to a normally rational brain and one more mile seemed like a good idea.   I ran 6 miles.  I stopped twice to blow my nose...seriously needed.  I stopped twice to help Elena.  All four stops were very quick and I am sure did me some good!

I don't regret running this weekend.  I am completely focused on my marathon and I don't think in any way at all that I will regret this weekend on March 2.  I am doing everything possible except going to the doctor to get healthy.  Despite running 18 miles, I feel better today than I did on Friday. 

This weekend I gave myself a boot load of GRACE.  I needed it.  My ability to run at goal pace or to run without stopping has not changed. I can do those things and hopefully will be able to do that on Tuesday.  But, I don't feel well and did the best of could with what I had this weekend.  Grace....because this weekend does not define my training for March 2 nor what I am capable of running.  Grace!
This sign hangs in our Breakfast Room...after a sweaty 6 TM miles
However, all the running zapped my energy for any other activities.  My lucky kiddos got to watch a little too much tv, but I know they will be fine. 

There was some productivity occurring.  Emma finished her book report 10 days early...woo hoo!  Emma also baked cookies with her Easy Bake Oven. 

Jonah finished his Valentine's today. 
His wrist is still hurting
Elena danced for me. 

With these sweet faces, life is good.  I will be better by Tuesday when my last high mileage week begins!  Bring on healthy!!

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  1. Your kiddos are adorable! And wow, great job on the treadmill runs, those are always so hard for me! Love your blog. Going to go make myself a follower!