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Sunday, February 17, 2013

My last long run!

I am in total disbelief that I am almost finished with marathon training.  When all this began in August, February just seemed so far away.  Now,  I will be running my third marathon in less than two weeks.  Total shock and gratitude best describes how I feel at the moment.  Shock that 6 months have come and gone.  Gratitude all I have learned about myself and all the support I have received to arrive at today.

I ran my last long run this morning...22 miles of total happiness.  I just realized when I logged my run that it was to be a fast finish...oops!  Normally that would totally upset me that I messed up a run and did not do what my coach asked me to do.  But not today.  Today I feel great about my run and I think my coach will be happy with it too!

I finally felt good.  I knew as soon as I starting running that today would be my best day running.  Well, at least the best day I have had in over 10 days.  That knowledge was enough to get me through the hard moments with a smile still on my face.   Knowing in mile 1 that this would be a great last long run was wonderful.  The weather was a bonus as well.  It was 37 degrees when I started in the dark and 52 degrees when I finished with sunny skies. 

I did not realize that I was supposed to fast finish today.  But, I wanted to challenge myself to run many of the miles around 9/min mile pace and finished the last 2-3 miles faster.  I was still challenging myself, but not quite like was planned.  My goal was to finish at 3:25.

I found out yesterday that my bib# is 449.  I felt like it was a good number, but could not figure out any great attachment to it.  Today I had my bib attachment moment, which is great for a superstitious person like me.  My first two miles were 9:44.  See----it is my bib# reversed!  LOVE!
Pretty view from my fun...love the "steam" coming off the creek
The next 8 miles felt controlled.  The only exception would be at mile 5 when I was so surprised by a dog.  I had to stop for about 5 minutes waiting for the prettiest and friendliest dog to go away.  I hope he found his way home! 

Miles 3-10 were 9:38, 9:32, 9:29, 9:18, 9:20, 9:08, 9:11 and 9:24.  I took 2 GU's by this point and was really ready to start pushing the pace. 

Miles 11-15 were 9:01, 9:04, 9:00, 9:08, 9:04.  I took my last GU at mile 15.  That was not my plan, but I just did not feel like I needed my last one at mile 19.  I am pretty sure I will take it during the marathon because it can't hurt me.

Miles 16-19 were 8:57, 9:01, 9:04, and 8:58.  At this point it was warm and my legs were feeling ready to be finished.  My breathing still felt very controlled and even, which is great!  I know I had more in me today, but I did not want this to be my marathon.  I just wanted a great last run.

Miles 20-22 were 8:53, 8:44 (44 made me happy!) and 8:42.  Done in 3:22....woo hoo!  So, not a super fast finish, but a solid strong run!
These legs are running strong!
I could not be happier to end the hard work part of this marathon training cycle on a good note!  I feel strong heading into the marathon.  I have two "easy" weeks of running and then it is the big day.  Now, my goal is to rest, stay healthy, and be happy while running!

I totally EMBRACED the past two months of running.  I really have loved almost every minute of it.  I was excited about the challenges and did not let my cold keep me down for too long.  The mind is so powerful and for now, I am controlling my thoughts.

My verse for today's run was 1 Corinthians 16:13
Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong


  1. That sounds like a fabulous run - so glad you are starting to feel better! I can't believe your marathon is that close - you are going to do so great!!

  2. What a great long run with a great pace! Thanks for leaving the comment on my blog! Maybe I've seen you at the park!