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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Samuel....

It is hard for me to imagine that you are 5 today.  I can still see your sweet smiling face when you were born.  You just don't seem something enough to be five, but you are.  Today has been all about your wishes....using your gift card to buy a toy, getting a new 3DS game, having a slushy, and eating ice cream whenever you wanted.  Dinner was even your choice.  Of course, all these moments occurred with my blessing which you won't be seeking someday.

So, Samuel on your 5th birthday there are five things I want you to know.

3 year old Samuel
1.  Always believe in you!  Trust your instincts.  Don't be a follower, but be a leader.  You are already a little leader at school and I hope you only further develop this quality as you get older.

2.  Be kind.  Think before speaking and acting.  This is not your strength at the moment, but you are only five.  Your Daddy and I will always help you be kind, but you have to learn to follow our advice.
4 year old who just got a big bike
3.  Never stifle your creativity.  Your mind is crazy fun and always taking you on some adventure.  Life is much more fun when you make it enjoyable.

4.  Allow music to be the song in your heart forever.  I love to hear you sing and I know you will do great things with music.  I don't know what it is and you don't either, but it will be something.  Music makes you happy....crazy, loud, off beat music makes you so, so happy.  Enjoy it, listen to it, make it and never exclude from you day.

5.  Remember that God loves you more than me and Daddy. 

The best parts of turning five....your CARS cake, your party with your friends, a dinner of your choice, Ice cream all day long, presents...oh the love from family and friends, and family!  It was a fun day celebrating you Samuel.

"I have big muscles now that I am five!"
That is his pint of ice cream for the day whenever he wants some
birthday dinner of ham, green beans, and sweet potato fries
Lots of love from family
so excited about his Eagles Dream Light

So handsome!
Happy 5th Birthday sweet Samuel!

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