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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Our day in photos

Today's weather was totally crappy.  It rained last night and some this morning so any outdoor activity was out of the question.  Because I am weather obsessed (I am currently stalking my marathon day weather), I knew this and planned ahead to prevent the dreaded "I'm bored".  Oh, how I dislike that statement.

Elena's current love...well one of them....is Batman. Yes, Batman.  He is her favorite superhero and she loves to watch the Batman superhero movie.  Knowing this and knowing how much she likes to interrupt me on the treadmill, I decided she and Samuel could watch the movie while I ran.  With the exception of her needing to use the restroom (think newly potty trained) I was able to run without being bothered.

My run was a total sweatfest because of the humidity.  Goodness, it was gross and I was a little bit thankful for her interruptions.  Six miles later, some breakfast, and a shower it was time for Play Dough.  Samuel loves, loves, loves Play Dough and he got some new accessories for his birthday.  Play Dough gives me at least an hour to accomplish things.  I help them and play some, but for the most part they are totally and blissfully occupied.

By then it was lunch time and we were on to rest time and playing with their new sticker books.  I forget who gave them these Melissa and Doug re-usable books, but what a hit.  They are both kind of obsessed with them!  Again, it is something that allows me to play with them and do other things at the same time.  I love it. 

Yesterday I spent a good portion of my day doing laundry.  Three huge loads later I thought I was finished, but I had two more on tap for today.  In this house, I must do laundry every day...maybe only missing one day a week...or 5 loads in two days happens. 

Before we knew it Emma and Jonah were home from school and getting ready for gymnastics.  Emma's team got a new spirit leo and it is so cute. 

I tried to take a picture of Jonah today, but he was all about the thug look.  I was not all about that so no pictures of Jonah.  Instead, I got a funny picture of Yuengling.  Yuengling has been a part of our family since May 1999 (she was 8 weeks old when we got her).  She is old!  She makes me nuts every single day with all her barking, but she is a good dog.  Her old age is catching up to her.  I found her eating laying down...WOW!

Today was so pleasant and relaxing.  Our weekend is crazy busy, which is good.  It will keep my mind off of tapering and my marathon.  Well, maybe because currently I pretty much think about the race all the time.  I have five runs between now and the starting line.  I get my bib on Sunday....woo hoo!!!  Let the busyness begin!

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