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Monday, December 3, 2012

You've been Rack'd

I am guessing that got your attention! 

Yesterday at our church's Advent Celebration Emma picked up a stack of cards entitled "You've been Rack'd"!  

As the card says, Emma is to perform a Random Act of Christmas Kindness each day.  I thought it was quite awesome of her to bring these home.  It was her little secret.  

Emma did not have much time to perform her kind act yesterday because she did not get the cards until 6pm last night.  Being the clever girl that she is, Emma patted me on the back and told me she loved me.  I thought she was just being lovey, which she was.  However, she was patting a note card onto my back with a little note saying "I love you!"  Well played Emma!

Then last night she taped this note to our bathroom mirror...
Her little note to Drew said "you are the best dad ever".  Apparently Emma plans for her acts of kindness to be in the form of words.  I love it and am so proud of her!

Emma is already prepared for tomorrow.  She taped her note card to her headboard.  I am already very curious who she will be blessing with her words!

On a totally different note, look who is sick now....
Fever, cough, sniffles....oh my!  My heart melted to see Elena holding her baby's hand while napping.

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  1. Oh, what a sweet thing! Prayers that everyone gets better quickly and stays better!!!