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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Off to see Santa

Today was Santa picture day.  I picked up Emma and Jonah from school and we headed directly to the mall.  I was hoping we would arrive at an odd time and find little or no line.  I must say that I am a genius or at the very least, we had good timing.  We walked straight up to Santa!  Thank goodness.

I had talked to Elena all day about our plan.  We talked about sitting on Santa's lap...Emma would hold her hand....it would not be scary....she did not have to talk to Santa....and the list goes on.  I was hoping she would have a big smile and not be scared.  That planned worked too!

I would love to show you a picture, but the website is not working.  Awesome, isn't?  All I can say is the kids did great.  Santa has a slightly creepy smile, but it is all good.  Now, I definitely know what they want from Santa. 

After the Santa adventure we headed to Market Street so I could take some pictures of my own.  I knew they had a huge tree and it would be a great place for pictures.  The kids again cooperated perfectly.  Emma was also quite pleased with the pictures and wished they could be on our Christmas card.  Too late for that, but many of these are pretty fun!

The boys decided to pose for some super silly pictures...arm wrestling!  Of course, these were the only pictures in which Jonah smiled.  He gave me the thug look in all the rest.  I am ready for this stage to pass!

We took a few present pictures as well...

Then my dear Emma wanted a picture of just her.  She is just too pretty!

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