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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Wow...Drew is 40!

We spent the weekend celebrating Drew...aka Daddy!  Friday was Drew's birthday and he was 40!  I still have some time before I turn 40 so I don't have any feeling about it, but I know I will.  Drew, on the other hand, said turning 40 was just like another day.  He could have cared less!

When you are a parent, your birthday has an entirely new meaning.  Kids are still the priority and it was no different on Friday.  Emma and Jonah had a Christmas show at the gym so that is where we spent our evening.  Emma even had a friend sleepover because it just seemed like a regular day....poor Drew!  He did spend the afternoon working in his shop and that always makes him happy so I guess the day was not totally lost.

To make it a weekend celebration, I made Drew snickerdoodles on Friday. They are his favorite cookie and he swears I make the best ones....so sweet!  He did get to open his presents on Friday.  We gave him some clothing, Taskycakes, and a donut pan.  That was a big hit.  He made donuts on Saturday morning. 

Saturday afternoon Drew ventured to St. Arnold's Brewery with his friends.  They spent all afternoon drinking beer, touring the brewery, and hanging out.  It was his dream afternoon!  Finally it was time for his birthday dinner.  Much to my happiness he picked pot roast, which meant I put all the goodies in the crock pot at 7am and we ate at 6pm.  YEAH!  The best part of the day was dessert.  Drew almost always picks chocolate cake with chocolate icing for this birthday cake.  It is probably the best chocolate cake ever.  I very highly recommend making the Hershey's cocoa cake and icing...yum!

Today at church I was able to take a decent picture of Drew and his kiddos! 

I have now known Drew for half of his life!  We met when he was 20 and a junior at Juniata.  I knew I was going to marry him and spend my life with him almost immediately.  I just knew he was the one for me.  Luckily for me, he picked me too.  I love how much he loves me, how much he loves our children, and how much he works to make our life amazing.  Drew is a giving, loving, caring and supportive person.  He is also goofy, tells stories that are too long, and leaves his shoes by the bed every single night.  I would still pick him shoes and all!  I pray we can celebrate at least 20 more or even 40 more birthdays together!

I love you Drew Mann....Happy Birthday!

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  1. Lucky Drew!!! You are so sweet to make the day special, despite all having to go in 6 different directions. He sure sounded happy when he was telling me about is B-day! Seeing him in the shop was fun...I can see him on "this old house". The other pictures were great, too. Glad you are all feeling good again, too!