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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Family Christmas Fun Day

Last night began our weekend of crafting and family fun.  We went to our friends house for dinner and Gingerbread House making.  Kim's mom bakes the gingerbread, cuts the pieces, and prepares the candy bags.  I could never do this so I was super thankful we were invited to make real houses.  The kids had a blast.  Elena loved it.  She was very attentive to putting on the candy in just the exact spot.  Samuel was very focused as well.  Jonah was silly and tried to eat more than he attached to the house.  Emma was the most creative.  I worked very hard not to be totally type A and let the four of them do whatever made them happy.
Our final product!

Today we all slept in and enjoyed our warm beds (it was 32 outside).  After a few morning errands, a run, and a birthday party it was time for Family Day.  I decided last week that we needed a low key, fun day just the six of us.  I planned a craft, some baking, pizza and a movie, and looking at Christmas lights.  I just knew it would be the perfect day and it pretty much was perfect.

We started the fun by making this yumminess...
You can find the recipe on this blog...The Finer Things in Life.  My goodness are these good!

Then it was time to get crafty.  I copied a craft idea from Mom Swim Bike Run.  She is super crafty and I am glad I can copy all her ideas.  We made snowflakes for the tree in the play room.  Everyone made two.  Because it was almost 70 degrees today we did this outside.  I am not a fan of glitter, but it makes pretty snowflakes so glitter it was.  It was such a mess and I am really glad we could do this outside.  I think they all are very creative and pretty.
Getting started
Working diligently
Emma was the last one working.  The rest were on the trampoline which you can see in the background.
Our glitter and pom-pom snowflakes
After crafting we baked cut outs sugar cookies.  I rolled the dough and helped the kids cut out the shapes.  Drew was in charge of sprinkles and watching the oven.  Elena got bored pretty quickly and played with Yuengling.  The rest were attentive and maybe a little too helpful at times.  I have lots of cookie cutters so there were many choices.  I also have letter cutters and everyone gets a letter cookie.

Eating their letter cookie
After all the messy madness it was time to relax.  I ordered pizza and we watched a movie.  Because everyone is a little tired (an early bedtime was necessary tonight) we opted for a short flick....Ice Age Christmas.  It was very cute.  Elena was thrilled she was allowed to eat in the family room.  After that it was time for popcorn and looking at lights.  That was fun and we saw some good lights.  Decorated houses are one of my favorite things this time of year.  I may like it more than my little people, but they are coming along....ha!
Getting ready to watch the movie
Me and my babies
Drew and his babies
Our friends house
It was a very fun day....lots of memories made today.  This is the best time of year!

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