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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Cards

Our Christmas cards arrived on Tuesday and I mailed them today.  For me at the moment, that is efficient!  I am very pleased with myself. 

Kelsey made them again for me, which is such a gift.  I also decided not to write a letter.  I did a Mann Top Ten on the back of the card.  These simple little changes have made such a difference in my peace of mind this Christmas.

Addressing the cards actually made me quite sad.  I was sad to see my Grandma's address and Drew's Banny's address.  I hated knowing I would not be sending cards to them this year.  It has been almost a year since both passed away, but it seems like yesterday some days.  I know they are having a wonderful time celebrating in heaven, but I still wish I could send them a Christmas card.

As per my type A personality I like to know exactly how many cards I mailed and to which states.  This year 76 went in the mail and several others will be hand delivered.  Cards were mailed to 17 states and 1 APO address.  Pennsylvania is always the winner.  I mailed 28 cards to that state.  Why do we live here again?  Anyway....

These pictures were card rejects.  Wait until you see how cute the pictures are on the card!!

And then we have the silly just for fun pictures.  Sometimes I think I like these even better because I can really see each child's personality shining!

Oh my goodness, I love these crazy kiddos!

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  1. You are so organized!! I have a stick figure drawing of our family :) Your children's out-takes are adorable!