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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ellie the Elf and other random things

I think the half on Sunday fried my brain.  I have so much to do, process, and plan, but I am just not feeling capable.  Isn't that awful?   I have enough mental energy to complete small tasks and that is it.  Even those tasks are being completed in the most scattered way possible and that is making me a little crazy.  For example, I have purchased 5 Texans shirts in the past 24 hours because I could not decide on sizes and type of shirt.  I only need 2.  Hello...what is my problem!!

Because I am unable to really formulate any good thoughts despite many swirling in my brain, this is going to be a big photo dump post about Ellie our Elf.  As you all know, I am not creative.  Thankfully, I surround myself with creative people who allow me to be a copycat.  And, as last resort I mess around on Pinterest for creative Ellie ideas.

The kids are loving Ellie's antics.  They actively search for him/her first thing each morning.  Even Emma, who I am not sure believes in all the magic of Christmas anymore, asked where Ellie was immediately upon returned from her Friday night sleepover.  I was impressed!

sneaking some candy
Flying high
Making a snow angel
wrapping presents
I must admit that I have enjoyed this tradition more than ever this year.  I think being creative or trying to be creative helps.

As for running, because no post would be complete without a report on my running, today was my first run since Sunday.  Of course, it was freezing cold outside and I mean that literally.  I generally don't mind running in the cold, but the combination of cold and dark is hard.  I think it was 34 degrees this morning....yikes!  I managed to dress almost appropriately.  I find it very challenging to layer correctly when it is so cold.  Today was slow going.  This is my last "hard" week before the official taper begins.  I absolutely cannot believe I will be running marathon #2 in 17 days!

By the way, I am now on Instagram because I have nothing better to do with my time than stalk my friends pictures.  If you want to follow me there, I am kortnilm.

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