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Monday, December 17, 2012

Making Christmas Soap

This year for teacher and coaches gifts I decided to get crafty.  By crafty I mean we made the simplest craft on earth and plan to give it as presents.  My kids have too many teachers and coaches to give everyone a nice little gift and not break the budget at the same time.  So, we made holiday soap.

I bought this huge bucket of glycerin soap at Micheals for $44.  That may seem like a lot, but that was all this craft cost and we plan to give soap to 20+ people!

I made soap for thank you's after Samuel was born so I already had some molds.  We used this mold because it is Christmas/winter themed.  We also used a gingerbread man mold.

After loosening the huge block of soap, we cut it into smaller pieces.  The pieces are melted in the micowave which takes about 2 minutes. 

We added food coloring.  Obviously, being Christmas we used red and green.  We also added some peppermint extract to each batch for a nice smell!  The liquidy soap is then poured into the molds and you wait for it to harden.  It is that simple.  A craft designed for me and my kids!

This is the finished product and I think everything looks great!   The kids were super excited about the gingerbread men.  They are pretty cute!

I am hoping the teachers and coaches appreciate a homemade, usable, and fun gift!

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  1. Just do me a favor . . . remind me of this next year!!!