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Monday, August 3, 2015

A Bowie Farewell

Our last two days with Kelsey were crazy busy.  The kids enjoy so much sharing their favorite places with each other. One place we visited was Six Flags. After eight hours of riding rides, playing at the water park, and riding more rides we were done. Well, the moms and Jack were done. The rest of them wanted to stay until the park closed...gracious!

This was Elena's first big girl ride. Kelsey and I laughed so hard at her face the first time she rode it. She was brave, but looked terrified. However, she must have really liked it because she rode it about 7 more times. 

This was Samuel's first roller coaster ride. Samuel is not a huge thrill seeker so I was super proud that he went on this. He did like it and was all smiles at the end. 

The water park area was a huge success for everyone. Jack could finally get out of his stroller and play. The biggest bummer of our day happened on a water ride when Kels slipped, fell, and broke her toe. Of course this happened right after lunch so she still walked around the park for maybe another 4-5 hours with a broken toe. Quite the effort from Kels!!!

Jonah is my thrill seeker. He rode both these roller coasters. One alone and the other with Hanna. The Batman coaster in the bottom picture with Hanna was his favorite. He said it was "incredible".  I wanted to throw up just watching from the ground. 

Jack was a trooper. Eight hours mostly in a stroller with some walking and playing is a lot to ask of a 10 month old. 

We did it with a broken toe and smiles!

Of course we played at the pool. The kids played at the house. They even made up a pirate play. Creative little kiddos!

They thought it was a chilly morning!

Their pirate faces just make me laugh! 

Our last night we went out to dinner on the South River. There was a playground for the kids which meant some nice adult time. The food was delicious!  Love the Maryland crab cake!

Our IT girls minus Emma...boo!

Our matching green boys!!

Some play time before and after dinner. 

Pure yumminess!

These ducks entertained Jack!

Two of my favorites...Kelsey and Scott 

Leaving Kelsey's is so hard for all of us. I really hate it more than I can express. But, I am thankful I can spend so much time with her and the kids with each other in the summer. Pictures and memories help!

Until next summer Bowie Maryland :(

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