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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Some exploring in the Adirondacks

Each summer we go to Eagle Camp in Vermont. Each summer we drive up 87 in New York straight through the Adirondack mountains.  Each summer for the past 22 summers Drew and I have never explored any part of the mountains together. Sad really, but we are always in a hurry to get to camp. I decided this year would be different for two reasons. First was we drive through so many states each summer and don't explore any of them. Upstate New York is too beautiful not to experience. Second was we were all finally going to be together and I wanted just family time. At camp the kids are so busy playing with friends and cousins that we don't really see them. I wanted a tiny bit of time for just us. Thus, a side trip exploring caves, rocky woods, and waterfalls in the Adirondack mountains.  

There were twenty things to see and explore. We walked on paths, rocky steps and walkways, along river beds, into caves, and in the woods. The kids LOVED it!  They especially liked the caves and the echo cave. 

This was one of the cave openings we could walk into and explore. We also walked on top of it while looking at other areas. The large piece of rock on the surface fell in 1959. As the sign says it is heavy and Drew kept wishing he knew how loud it sounded when it fell. 

The kids said I took way too many pictures. I say there were too many beautiful places to take pictures. 

This water in this picture and in the one below was calm. The sun hitting the water reflected on the rocks and it looked like a light show on the rocks. It was pretty cool!

We climbed up and down stairs like this several times in the picture below. 

The kids thought they were funny trying to hold up this rock. I have to agree. 

I took this picture inside a cave. There were obviously lights in it, but the picture is still not the best. Jonah and Samuel were quite impressed with the caves. 

We spent about 90 minutes "playing" in the woods and along the river. I think it was the perfect family outing!

Then we finished the drive to camp and took our annual ferry picture. 

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