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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Those Tirch's....

The best thing....and the only thing....good about leaving Eagle Camp is knowing we are stopping in 9 hours in Mars, PA.  Mars wouldn't normally be a big attraction, but it is for us.  Our friends the Tirchs live there!  Susan is one of my favorite people and I am so thankful I stumbled upon her blog and that George was wearing a PSU shirt. 

So, we arrived at their house mid Saturday afternoon for a quick visit that was jammed packed.  The kids have only met once and that was last summer.  But, Elena talks about Ella frequently and Samuel does the same about Jack.  They way the kids reconnected and played is awesome.  You would think they were "we see you all the time" kind of friends.  Hopefully they will be friends for life and always feel connected. 

Susan and I are running the Philly Marathon in November together.  So, even though we both started training separately a few weeks ago we did get to run together on Sunday morning.  Kind of fun considering we live 20+ hours from one another.  After our run, we showered quickly and left to tour the new Pittsburgh Penguins practice facility.  It is super close to their house and it was grand opening weekend.  The facility is amazing.  As much as I hate to be hurt, it would be a great place to rehab....super cool equipment! After the tour we all ice skated.  I had many giggles about this prior to arriving because my kids don't know how to skate.  Emma and Jonah have skated one time over two years ago.  I knew it would be interesting, but Susan assured me that her professional skating family would help and they did. 

Mario Lemieux
locker room
meeting room
Emma, Jonah, Ella, Elena, Nicholas, Jack, and Samuel

We took a family picture at center ice.  My hair is horrible.  It air dried on the ice and just wow so excuse it!  The kids did pretty well.  Emma caught on pretty quickly.  Jonah was determined and improved.  Samuel and Elena struggled the most, but they enjoyed it.  Drew and I both skated growing up so we had fun.  It is definitely something we should do here in the winter.

After ice skating we went to Lake Latonka for some grilling, visiting, and boating.  It was a beautiful day and so fun to be outside in the sunshine after our rainy camp week.  The kids tubed and swam.  The lake was really busy, but it was still a super fun day.  Susan's mom lives on the lake and has a golf cart.  I think all the kids could have spent all day driving it around the property.  Happy kids...

Drew had to fly home Sunday night because of a business trip. That was no fun for him, but we continued to have some fun before we left to drive home.  Susan and I live crazy busy lives....who doesn't?  So, filling a short time with so many activities felt normal.  Doesn't everyone want to spend the day at an amusement park before driving eight hours? Sure, why not so that's what we did!  Monday we went to Kennywood and it was a definite highlight of the summer for my kiddos!

The Black Widow was the first ride enjoyed by some!  George and I spent time chatting while Susan is an adrenaline junky and goes on all the crazy rides.  Elena did more watching than she would like, but next year she should be tall enough to ride just about everything.  Even with the waiting Elena had a great day and did go on two big girl roller coasters. Susan and Ella were her favorite riding partners!

It was really hot so this was the perfect ride.  The Pittsburgh Plunge soaked all the kids once and the boys twice!

Lunch was super healthy as we all indulged in the famous cheese fries with bacon.  So good!

It is pretty crazy to think that Susan and I met through her blog. I definitely consider her a good friend and wish all the time we lived closer. It is even crazier to think that she wants us to invade her house each summer even if it is only for two days.  I couldn't be more thankful for our friendship and her and George's kindness to us!  We do pack a bunch of crazy, but I think our family's fit pretty well!

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